Restoring and Enriching Nature

Welcome to our Perdix portal for restoring and enriching nature. As wildlife biologists and falconers, working with farmers, hunters and the vast diversity of conservation interests in the International Union for Conservation of Nature, we believe that food production can coexist with flowers and fauna to enrich our lives and livelihoods.  Fifty years of research on the Grey Partridge (Perdix perdix) have shown this to be possible. We want to bring you the knowledge that is starting to be used to restore nature across Europe by engaging all the activities that benefit from nature. More of this is explained, in a growing number of languages, on the main site of our Perdix international system


We need help from all of you to build the understanding for enriching both nature and livelihoods. Please spread the word about this site and others we mention here, all of which are developing projects to benefit local communities and land-managers. Thus, you can link here to Farmer Clusters working to enrich large areas, to Wildlife Estates that certify the efforts of landowners and to the extensive network of Green Shoots. Our aim is to complement their efforts with information on restoring the wildflowers and insects that they support, and the Grey Partridge as a flagship that depends on them all.  


After all, the Grey Partridge can be restored. A highly successful study project in Sussex has shown the way.




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27 Jun 2017 PARTRIDGE Interreg met in Germany
11 May 2017 Perdixnet Launched in Brussels
19 Aug 2016 Perdixnet Pan-Europe is ready for translation